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Animated rabbits and tricky female soldiers

30.01.2024 | Around one million euros for eleven projects

The High End Committee of the MOIN Film Fund has awarded more than one million euros in its current meeting. The eleven funded projects include the third instalment of the successful animated film series "The Bunny School" by Hamburg-based Ute von Münchow-Pohl and a historical drama starring Oscar-nominated actress Sandra Hüller.


In the animated film Die Häschenschule – Legende vom goldenen Ei (550,000 euros, Akkord Film, Hamburg) by Director Ute von Münchow-Pohl, badgers break into the bunny school and throw all the bunnies out the door. Emmi, the guardian of the Golden Egg, sets off with Max and Ferdi to save the Golden Egg - and uncovers an unimaginable secret in the process. The German-Austrian co-production will have almost 400 animation days in Hamburg. The script was written by Claudio Winter and Nadine Gottmann.

A further 100,000 euros in production funding will go to Rose (ROW Pictures, Leipzig) by Austrian Director Markus Schleinzer: the historical drama is set during the turmoil of the 30 Years' War. During this time, a mysterious soldier - played by Sandra Hüller - appears in a remote Protestant village. Under a false identity, a false name and pretending to be of the wrong gender, he claims to be the heir to a long-abandoned estate. Part of the film crew comes from Hamburg. Schleinzer wrote the script together with Alexander Brom.


The animated series Children of Gaea (75,000 euros, Telescope Animation, Hamburg) by Director Reza Memari is set in Germany in 2045: Ava meets three other young people with special gifts at a camp for climate refugees. Together with their power animals, they have to fight against dark forces that want to destroy Mother Earth (Gaea). The script was written by Andreas Völlinger and Olivia Vieweg.


  • Hafenstraße 87 (50,000 euros, Granvista, Hamburg) Script: Nahuel Lopez, Sabine Steyer-Violet and Oliver Keidel

  • Decibel (45,000 euros, Tamtam Film, Hamburg) Script: Eléna Weiss, Nicolás Britos

  • Die Habibis (45.000 euros, Klinkerfilm, Hamburg) Script: Ellen Holthaus, Miriam Suad Bühler, Momo Sinner, Shahab Habibi

  • Grasslands of Resistance (45.000 euros, SMP Signed Media Produktion, Hamburg) Script: Ravi Karmalker, Cecil Moller, Jamo Franz, Jean-Alexander Ntiviyhabwa

  • Der Geschichtenbäcker (30,000 euros, Zeitsprung Pictures, Cologne) Script: Till Endemann


  • Butterfly Tales (70,000 euros, Wild Bunch Germany, Berlin) Directors: Sophie Roy; Script: Heidi Foss, Lienne Sawatsky

  • Die Chaosschwestern und Pinguin Pau (50.000 euros, DCM Film Distribution, Berlin) Directors: Mike Marzuk; Script: Korbinian Wandinger, Mike Marzuk

  • King's Land (20,000 euros, Plaion Pictures, Planegg) Directors: Nikolaj Arcel, Script: Nikolaj Arcel, Anders Thomas Jensen

A detailed overview of all projects funded by the High End Committee can be found here.

The funding decision was made on 21 November 2023: Christian Granderath, Murat Isgüder, Wenka von Mikulicz, Ipek Zübert and Helge Albers.

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