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In its first meeting of the year, the Kurz + Innovativ Committee of the MOIN Film Fund awarded 160,000 euros to five projects, including the animated film "Uncle Filmi" by Director Nazgol Kashani and the 360-degree film "The Nama Hut" by Namibian artist Tuli Mekondjo.


The new short film Uncle Filmi (47,000 euros) by Hamburg-based animation studio Fabian&Fred is being made under the direction of Nazgol Kashani and will have 30 animation days in the Hanseatic city. In the film, a lively family gathering in Iran is stormed by Islamic revolutionary guards.  They are searching for banned VHS tapes, including "Gone with the Wind" and "The Sound of Music".

The stop-motion film Points of View (38,000 euros, Lauenstein & Lauenstein, Hamburg) by Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein is about Carl, who is supposed to hand over a suitcase with top secret contents to an intermediary. He gets caught up in a chase and finds himself in a world full of uncertainties and deceptions that he himself can no longer see through. The eight-minute film will have 154 animation days in Hamburg.

The Documentary Twins to the Top (30,000 euros, Calasans/Oswald, Hamburg) focuses on two twin brothers from Hamburg Steilshoop on their way into the professional boxing business. Directors and script are Tatiana Calasans and Thomas Oswald from Hamburg. Filming will take place in the Hanseatic city for 15 days at the end of April. In the animated film Ozero Miry (10,000 euros), Pola Rader from Kiel tells the story of Mira and her mother, who capsize their boat on a lake. Mira sinks to the bottom of the lake - but the recurring melody of love continues to unite mother and daughter.


The 360-degree film The Nama Hut (35,000 euros, Kirsten Herfel, Hamburg) by Namibian artist Tuli Mekondjo and German filmmaker Caspar Stracke transports moments from the colonial era in South West Africa into the here and now using archive photographs and narratives.

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The funding decisions in the short film category were made on 13 March 2024 by Insa Wiese, Friedrich Tiedtke, Sophia Ayissi Nsegue and Nicola Jones.

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The funding decisions in the Innovative Projects section were made on 15 March 2024 by Britta Schewe, Ulrich Schrauth, Ralph Heinsohn and Nicola Jones.

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