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13.06.2024 | Risk & Reward

The EXPLORER KONFERENZ will kick off this year's FILMFEST HAMBURG INDUSTRY DAYS for the fifth time as part of FILMFEST HAMBURG and will be dedicated to the topic of "Risk & Reward" on 30 September 2024.

The organisers of the Explorer Konferenz want to discuss the future of production for cinema, streaming and TV together with Executive Producers, financiers, funding institutions and students as well as international guests. In over 15 keynotes, panels and deep dives on Monday, 30 September 2024, renowned experts will talk about challenges and opportunities in turbulent times and exchange ideas with the industry.

The film industry in Germany and Europe is currently under particular pressure: rising costs, increasingly fragmented markets, uncertain conditions with public financing partners such as broadcasters and funding institutions. At the same time, the film industry is also experiencing rapid technological development through AI, which raises completely new questions about how to deal with creativity, marketing, copyright, ethics and ultimately also risk & reward.

Risk & Reward - an essential correlation in innovation and business, especially in the film industry. Audiences want a diverse and innovative programme in cinema, TV and streaming, and sustainable success can only be achieved through a willingness to take risks. In its programme, the Explorer Konferenz will provide valuable insights into how we can better identify and manage risks in the development, production and marketing of new films and series and how we can also more accurately assess the "rewards" expectations.

Specifically, the Explorer Konferenz will shed light on specific questions: How can we improve our offering, further strengthen the quality of films and series and market them more effectively? How can we attract more audiences to cinemas? How can we reach audiences in view of the constant increase in international streaming and on-demand offerings? How quickly can we adapt technological innovations? How do we deal with ever shorter attention spans? What is the impact of new laws and industry regulations? And last but not least: How can we work together to implement DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria better and more sustainably in the industry?

In this dynamic field of market uncertainties and global crises, we need to be adaptable and strengthen our networks and knowledge. The film industry has always stood for actors who take responsibility and make courageous decisions.

To get in the mood for the conference day in autumn, there will be three online Explorer Impulses in June, July and August. In this short online format, industry representatives will focus on a relevant aspect of their work. They will provide insights into their strategies, share forward-looking knowledge and discuss critical aspects with participants.
More information will be published on the website soon.

Tickets and programme

Explorer Konferenz Early Bird tickets (until 14 July 2024) are available from 14 June 2024 here:

The conference language is English. The Explorer Konferenz will take place all day, from 10:00 - 19:00. The complete conference programme will be announced gradually on the website .

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Linda Dudacy is on board for the programme of the fifth edition of the Explorer Konferenz. The curator from Berlin has developed innovative formats as event director for the Federal Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries and is jointly responsible for the re:publica festival programme.

The Explorer Konferenz in partnership with the Executive Producer Association and with the support of MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein takes place as part of FILMFEST HAMBURG INDUSTRY DAYS and is organised by FILMFEST HAMBURG. The production of the conference is in the hands of POISON.

About the participating organisations

The FILMFEST HAMBURG is a public festival and will take place this year from 26 September to 5 October 2024. Around 130 productions from all over the world will be shown as world, European, German or Hamburg premieres.

The Executive Producers Association is the leading representative of independent cinema, streaming and television producers in Germany, with currently 147 member companies.

The MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein supports cinema films, high-end series and innovative audiovisual formats of all genres - from the first draft to production, distribution and festival presentation.

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