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Solo in Hamburg

19.01.2024 | More than 1.3 million euros for 22 projects

At its current meeting, the Director's Cut Committee of the MOIN Film Fund awarded more than 1.3 million euros to 22 projects. Among them are the new Hamburg project "Die Stadt" by "Human Flowers of Flesh" Director Helena Wittmann and the documentary "Solo" about the struggle of single mothers by Hamburg-based directing duo Simona Dürnberg and Christian von Brockhausen.


Her film "Human Flowers of Flesh" was a worldwide festival success, and now Hamburg filmmaker Helena Wittmann's new project Die Stadt (450,000 euros, Fünferfilm, Hamburg) is in the starting blocks. And with 33 of 36 shooting days, it will be shot almost entirely in the Hanseatic city - a large part of the film crew also comes from Hamburg. In the drama, a secret mission takes the Frenchwoman Lou to a big city where she is supposed to find the young Théo. Although she has long since found him, she does not betray him and instead observes the delicate rapprochement between him and David. When new demands from her client push her to her moral limits, Lou is forced to explore new avenues.

The film The Turning Point (250,000 euros, Run Way Pictures, Hamburg) by filmmaker Johannes Miller focuses on a middle-ranking civil servant who is promoted to judge. Due to persistent protests, he is given a gun to protect himself and his family. Shortly afterwards, the gun disappears from his house, but there is no trace of a break-in. The drama sheds light on the hidden layers of the personalities of the individual family members.

The Documentary Solo (125,000 euros, Other People pictures, Hamburg) is about the existential struggle of four single mothers in Germany. The two Hamburg filmmakers Simona Dürnberg and Christian von Brockhausen take viewers on a cinematic rollercoaster ride that tells of the pressure, the love for the child and the sometimes naked hardship. A further 50,000 euros will go to the documentary Aus dem Leben einer Insel (Atara Film, Hamburg) by Hamburg filmmaker Kilian Helmbrecht, which will centre on the island of Scharhörn - the outermost corner of Hamburg.



Trouble Magnet (60,000 euros, Fabian&Fred, Hamburg), Directors: Ahmad Saleh; Script: Ahmad Saleh, Fabian Driehorst

Hausaufgaben (50,000 euros, Junafilm, Hamburg), Directors: Visar Morina, Script: Gernot Gricksch

Männer und Kinder zuerst (40,000 euros, Skalar Film, Hamburg) Directors/Script: Eike Weinreich, Zora Rux

700 Days in Homs (20,000 euros, Hakim + König, Hamburg) Directors/Script: Ali Hakim, Sulaiman Tadmory

Niekas (20,000 euros, Munkbrarup) Directors/Script: Ann Carolin Renninger, René Frölke



Hygge (35,000 euros, Klinkerfilm, Hamburg) Script: Lena Fakler, Zarah Schrade

Lachen und Weinen (30,000 euros, Hamburg) Script: Abdul Ghafar Faizyar, Ghafar Azad, Jalal Hussaini, Jamil Jalla, Siyar Noorzad,

Skaterherz (30,000 euros, Leitwolf Filmproduktion, Hamburg) Script: Sebastian Grusnick, Thomas Moeller, Brenda Heijnis

Purple Rain (25,000 euros, Red Balloon Film, Hamburg) Script: Sibel Kekilli

Monika Ertl - Tochter, Geliebte, Revolutionärin (24,000 euros, IDA Film & TV Produktion, Kiel) Script: Wilfried Hauke

Erosionen (18,000 euros, Hamburg) Script: Janina Sara Hennemann

Milkshake (18,000 euros, Berlin) Script: Tarek Roehlinger

Keklik / Rebhuhn (17,000 euros, Hamburg) Script: Seda Kaçak



Deserts (35,000 euros, Camino Filmverleih, Stuttgart) Directors/Script: Faouzi Bensaïdi



Eine Stadt sieht einen Film 2024 (18,000 euros, Kinemathek Hamburg)

Krabbel + Brabbelkino (4,000 euros, SchanzenKino73/Outdoor Cine, Hamburg)

Imaginer le Congo (3,500 euros, B-Movie cinema, Hamburg)

12th Cinespañol 2023 (2,500 euros, 3001 cinema, Hamburg)


An overview of all funded projects can be found here.


The funding decisions were made on 6 December 2023 by Vanessa Ciszewski, Anita Elsani, Gabor Greiner, Timo Großpietsch, Britta Knöller and Helge Albers.

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