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The film industry as a guest at Kampnagel

18.06.2024 | MOIN Mittsommer 2024

Das Hamburger Team der Serien "Player of Ibiza" und "Die Discounter"

Red carpet and the latest film funding figures: On Tuesday, the northern film industry came together for the annual "MOIN Midsummer" festival at Kampnagel. Around 1,000 guests from film and TV, culture and politics included Cannes winner Mohammad Rasoulof, the "Sløborn" team Aaron Hilmer and Emily Kusche as well as "Die Discounter" Emil Belton, Oskar Belton and Bruno Alexander. Lots of information was provided by MOIN CEO Helge Albers and Senator for Culture Dr Carsten Brosda, who reviewed the film year to date.

Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media: "The film industry in the North can rightly celebrate with the MOIN Film Fund's Midsummer Festival. The last few months have shown that the northern film industry is well positioned despite turbulent times and can look back on many successes and highlights. We owe this to the outstanding team at MOIN Film Fund and a creative industry that firmly believes in the power of film. Together, we will continue to stand up for film. In the coming months, we will have to set an important course, especially in the context of the film funding reform, in order to guide the industry into safe waters and provide meaningful support. I am particularly pleased that we were able to welcome Mohammad Rasoulof to Kampnagel. It's good to know that the Iranian Director is safe in Hamburg!"

Helge Albers, CEO of MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein: "An Oscar nomination for İlker Çatak's 'The Teachers' Lounge' and five awards in Cannes for Mohammad Rasoulof's 'The Seed of the Sacred Fig' - the 2024 film year could hardly have got off to a better start for the North. Together with the launch of our diversity platform OMNI and the new development funding programme NEST, we can look back on an eventful start to the year. I'm already looking forward to the second half of the year with cinema highlights such as 'Der Buchspazierer' with Christoph Maria Herbst and the Berlinale film 'Treasure' with Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry."

The following MOIN-funded film teams were among the guests:

  • Iranian filmmaker and Hamburg resident Mohammad Rasoulof, who has just won five awards in Cannes for his new film "The Seed of the Sacred Fig". Post production and editing of the film took place in Hamburg. The German premiere will take place at Filmfest Hamburg.

  • Director Elisha Smith-Leverock and Segment Producer Olivia Kpalété came fresh from the TRIBECA Film Festival in New York, where they celebrated the world premiere of their series Black Fruits. Filming took place entirely in Hamburg in 2023.

  • The Hamburg team behind the series Die Discounter and Player of Ibiza: Emil Belton, Oskar Belton and Bruno Alexander.

  • Aaron Hilmer and Emily Kusche, the main characters in the third season of the end-time series Sløborn. Filming took place in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg for several days last year.

  • The Schleswig-Holstein-based Director and Script Writer Hille Norden and her Ficken für Freiheit cast including Luna Jordan, Dana Herfurth and Jakob Geßner.

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Highlights from the 2023 annual report>> Click here to go directly to the digital annual report.

Funded projects 2023:

In total, MOIN Film Fund supported 258 projects with a total volume of 14.8 million euros. In production alone, 26 feature films, 15 short films, 12 documentaries, 4 series and one innovative project were supported with 9.5 million euros. These included İlker Çatak's new drama Gelbe Briefe with numerous days of filming in the Hanseatic city, the animated film Go with the flow by Ali Samadi Ahadi and the tragicomedy Drift by "Toubab" director Florian Dietrich, which is about a Hamburg bicycle courier - and which received the highest amount of funding of the year at 863,000 euros. 

Shooting in 2023

There were 2,292 shooting days in the region, of which 1,741 were in Hamburg and 551 in Schleswig-Holstein - around 20 per cent more than in 2022 (1,923 shooting days). Filming included the series Black Fruits by Lamin Leroy Gibba and the letterbox production The Next Level with "Dark" star Lisa Vicari. Directors Ameer Fakher Eldin and his film crew spent several weeks on a Hallig in Schleswig-Holstein for Yunan - produced by Red Balloon Film from Hamburg.

Regional effect 2023

The regional effect in 2023 is 340 per cent, meaning that EUR 3.40 flowed back into the region for every euro subsidised (regional effect in 2022: 311 per cent)

Gender Equality 2023

MOIN Film Fund is working to ensure that female filmmakers receive as much funding as male filmmakers. MOIN is getting closer to this mark: in 2023, 31 female Directors (48 per cent) and 33 male Directors (52 per cent) received funding in the area of production.

Introduction of OMNI and NEST

Since the beginning of 2024, the NEST has replaced traditional screenplay funding at MOIN Film Fund. Script Writers and creators now receive customised funding and the opportunity to fully exploit the potential of their ideas with other creatives in a collaborative thinking space. The new diversity platform OMNI Inclusion Data was also launched at the Berlinale: Behind OMNI is a simple online survey that film teams can use to make their data available in compliance with the GDPR. The project is currently in the pilot phase.

Upcoming cinema releases and filming

Currently filming in the north: Amrum by Fatih Akin and Gelbe Briefe by İlker Çatak. Upcoming cinema releases:

  • 25.07.2024: Zwei zu Eins by Natja Brunckhorst, with Sandra Hüller and others

  • 12.09.2024: Treasure by Julia von Heinz with Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry"

  • 10.10.2024: Der Buchspazierer by Ngo The Chau with Christoph Maria Herbst


MOIN Midsummer: Trailer and sponsors

A trailer, realised and sponsored by The Post Republic, shows film clips from numerous productions that were shot in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein last year, some of which also received funding. This is the ninth time that the MOIN Film Fund has celebrated at Kampnagel. A special highlight for the guests this year was the vegetarian catering by Peacetanbul. Beverage sponsors are Rindchen's Weinkontor, KaffeeLust and fritz-kola.

A total of 54 sponsor partners were acquired for the event:

Acolori Medienproduktion | Akkord Film  | Amusement Park Film | Axis Mundi | B*14 Film | brave new work | Cine-Mobil | CineMotion Kinos | CMS - ULRICH SCHLOTTAU | DCM | element e filmproduktion | filmtank | Fortune Cookie Filmproduction | fritz kola | GRAEF Rechtsanwälte | Hamburg Airport | HB Sicherheit | Heimathafen Film | Junafilm | KAEPTN Post production | KaffeeLust | Krebs & Krappen Film | Leitwolf Film | Letterbox Filmproduktion | LOFT Tonstudios | MARSH | mobilespace | Motion Team | ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft | Network Movie | Optical Art | PRG Cinegate Hamburg | Pyjama Pictures | Relevant Film | Rindchen's Weinkontor | Riva Filmproduktion | Senator Film Produktion | Studio Funk | Studio Hamburg GmbH | Studio Rakete | Subevents | Tamtam Film | Telescope Animation | The Post Republic | Triodos Bank | Ulysses Filmproduktion | UNVERZAGT Rechtsanwälte | VON HAVE FEY Rechtsanwälte | Warner Bros. Discovery | Weischer Cinema | Wise Music Creative | Wüste Film | Zeigermann Audio | Zentropa Berlin

Credits: Andre Mischke
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