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Cowl cult and invisible borders

03.07.2024 | Funding decision Kurz + Innovativ

The Short Film and Innovative Committees of the MOIN Film Fund awarded 161,000 euros to four projects at the current meeting. These include the Icelandic co-production "Deep Sea Blue" by Hilke Rönnfeldt from Schleswig-Holstein and the interactive VR experience "Golems" by Kiel-based XR artists Deborah and Dennis Reinmüller.


In the short film Deep Sea Blue (48,000 euros, North Ship Film, Bujendorf) by Schleswig-Holstein filmmaker Hilke Rönnfeldt, a ship's officer inadvertently navigates across a sea border without authorisation during her bridge watch. The incident has no serious consequences. She is able to continue her everyday life on board, but suddenly discovers invisible boundaries everywhere that shape her life on board more than she realised.

The animated film Radio Tele Funke on the Moon (35,000 euros) by Mariola Brillowska from Hamburg is based on a radio play series for Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The married couple Mrs and Mr Funke flee from Earth because the law is hot on their heels due to a wrongly programmed robot. Instead of landing on the International Space Station ISS, the Funkes end up on the moon. All 90 animation days will take place in the production region. .

Filmmaker Sylvie Hohlbaum from Hamburg has dedicated her documentary short film Kutte (29,000 euros, Fourmat Film, Darmstadt) to the phenomenon of the cowl cult. She explores the origins and sheds light on three types of frock in particular: the biker frock, the metal frock and the football frock. Three days of filming are planned in Hamburg and four in Schleswig-Holstein.


A glimpse into the future? With Golems (49,000 euros, Doppel Real, Kiel), the two XR creators Deborah and Dennis Reinmüller from Kiel have created an atmospheric, interactive VR experience set in the near future. Personal memories are no longer private, but are sold as a commodity. The story explores how this fundamental change influences social structures and individual self-image.

A detailed overview of all funded projects can be found here.

Insa Wiese, Friedrich Tiedtke, Johanna Jannsen and Nicola Jones made the funding decisions in the short film category on 5 June 2024.

Britta Schewe, Ulrich Schrauth, Ralph Heinsohn and Nicola Jones made the funding decisions in the Innovative Projects area on 7 June 2024.

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